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Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Kisarawe Mhe. Jocate Mwegelo akikabidhiwa fedha Tsh 7000,000/- kutoka kwa Mkuu wa JKT na Afisa mtendaji Mkuu wa Shirika la Uzalishaji Mali la Jeshi la Kujenga Taifa (SUMAJKT) Meja Jenerali Charles Mang’era Mbuge kama mchango wa ujenzi wa mabweni ya wanafunzi wa kike katika shule ya Sekondari ya Minaki iliyopo wilayani hapo.

Fire and Rescue

Minbus aina ya EICHER iliyonunuliwa na kampuni ya SUMAJKTGUARD kwa ajili ya kusambaza walinzi vituoni na kutoa huduma nyingine pale itakapo hitajika.

Mkuu wa JKT na Afisa mtendaji Mkuu wa Shirika la Uzalishaji Mali la Jeshi la Kujenga Taifa (SUMAJKT) Meja Jenerali Charles Mang’era Mbuge akizindua gari aina ya minbus EICHER ambalo limenunuliwa na kampuni ya SUMAJKTGUARD LTD.

Security Services

SUMAJKTGUARD LTD (SGL) is a subsidiary of SUMAJKT (Corporation Sole the National Service) intends to invest extensively in security services. SGL will opereate in all demanded market segments in order to provide high quality service with a customer centric philosophy.

why fumigate with us

Depending on the species of pest, different chemicals may be used to fumigate. Nearly all pesticides used in fumigation are hazardous to humans and animals, though so it’s imperative you never attempt to fumigate your property without a licensed extermination professional’s assistance from SUMAJKTGUARD.  The cleanliness of your premises also reflects on your company as a whole. If you haven’t yet landed a client. it’s important to make a good impression on them as they visit your work space for the first time.Clutter, dirty dishes, overflowing trash cans and disorganized desks send a clear message you’re overwhelmed or otherwise lacking in professionalism, so as SUMAJKTGUARD tend to organize cleanliness for your premise.

Electronic security system services

SUMAJKTGUARD LTD provides security services of high technology using reasonable and durable devices for the sake of ensuring her customer’s maximum protection. This is potential of technicians who are well trained and organized. The company also upgrade the old security system to the current technology, this help in making the customers with outdate well as being secured all the time. The systems include CCTV Camera’s, Door Access Controls, Intruder Alarm, Car Tracking System. Electric fence and gates and the list goes on.

Meet Our Team


Managing Director Sumajktguard Ltd

Luteni Kanali Joseph Mackenzie Masanja- 0783309963.

Human Resource Manager

Major Shehe Omary Masenga – 0652109266

Financial and Administration Manager

Major Joseph Thobias Kerobe -0712307870.

Security and Investigation Manager

Major Stephen Ngatalamwa Nyallale (Rtd) – 0715544142 .

Marketing Manager

Captain Ashley Mollely – 0717101005 .

Operation and training Manager

Captain Albert Joseph Massawe – 0716131627 .


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